A glimpse behind-the-scenes at RDR, proud moments, inspiring quotes, milestones along our journey, and Rose Rock memes!

The idea of making, and perfecting, long-stemmed Rose Rocks is one of the first times I envisioned creating Red Dirt Roses. It took me 8 years from the time I first thought about making them, to finally making them a reality. I'm really proud of them :3

My Tortie, Bebe, giving a mini Rose Rock a sniff :)

If you're not Native American, always remember that this was their land first, and our ancestors wouldn't have survived without their help. Respect their beautiful culture. To those that are Native American: thank you <3

Inspirations and AI art

Hahaha I crack myself up!

My husband came up with this one for me!

Lololol I was proud of this one!!

The most interesting man in the world approves

They're an Oklahoma icon!

A shameless Christmas-time meme

A lovely poem

Valentine's Day meme!


My booth at The Main Marketplace in Norman!! I've had the best experience there! If you're in the area, you need to go explore all the treasures there!! (500 W Main st, across from Sprouts, next to Ocean Dental)

Another lovely poem

These poems were part of a Valentine's Day campaign I did in 2024

Don't anger her

Another shameless Christmas-time meme

V-Day scumbag Steve

You can hear his voice in your head, can't you?

New Year meme, 2024

You can hear his voice too, huh? Lol


Another meme my husband made!

Yep, Christmas-time

My first attempt at Rose Rock earrings, I ended up not being happy with them and they were never offered for sale

My set-up at Noble's Rose Rock Festival - It was a dream come true (even though I didn't sell anything)!

A nice find!

I love digging in red dirt :)

My very first RDR booth at PikeOffOTA's Plants for Progress Fundraiser in 2023. My tent was missing some pieces so I couldn't put it up.. I got a terrible sunburn but I had the BEST time!!

A wedding pallet I put together

Rose Rock inspirations

The creative process...

One of my first, and most treasured finds - a perfect black barite rose

A button design I made for PikeOffOTA

Rose Rock inspirations

Rose Rock meme

A beautiful variety of barite roses

Poor barite roses! I vote we make the festival about them again!

One of our digs (my husband is so sweet, he does all the heavy duty stuff for me!)

Rose Rock Glamour Shot

They're just so darn pretty!! Lol

Every time someone asks me what I do, I say this in my head...

An Oklahoma sunset

I think this picture is so pretty <3

Cool, right!? Did you know huge, massive slabs of barite roses like this existed?!

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